Vingmek Biathlon Target - for prone and standing shooting.

The Biathlon Target Vingmek is a mechanical target which can be used for both prone and standing shooting. Changing between prone and standing configurations is done manually with a rope.

Contact us for an offer - directly from the producer. Weight: 41kg.

Our Target is produced according the IBU`s material catalogue. And approved by IBU`s Technical committee

Vingmek Biatlon target for training and competitions

Metal target - "One target"

This target is made so that a white marker comes up in the front of the target and shows that it is a hit.

The marker comes up on the left side if you hit in the prone area, and on the right side if you hit in the standing area..

Weight: 3,1 kg

Price 985 N.Kr.

Metal target - " special"

- For those who want more difficulties. This target has the same function as "one target", but the hit area is reduced. For standing from 115 mm to 95 mm, for prone from 45 mm to 37 mm. The aiming area is still 115 mm.
Weight: 5,7 kg. .

Price: 1575
Try our animation of the targets. Press "skyt" to se how it works.
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